Tip of the week: SMS marketing best practice

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SMS marketing is an extremely powerful communications tool.  However, it’s important that you get it right because consumers can find it really frustrating when they receive promotional messages that they’re simply not interested in.
Take into consideration the following scenarios;

  • If you are sending marketing messages to existing customers, you can text them to promote any of your products and services which are similar or related to those they already have with you. These customers should though be given the opportunity to opt-out of getting such messages.
  •  If you are sending marketing messages to individuals who are not customers, i.e. prospects, then the rules are much stricter – you will need their express permission to do so – they must opt-in.
  •  If you are sending marketing messages to businesses, even if you do not have a relationship with them, they don’t need to give you consent, but you do need to give them the ability to opt-out.

It’s really easy to give your recipients the option to opt-out, simply add  “Reply ‘Stop’ to unsubscribe” to the end of your SMS marketing messages.

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