Tip of the week: Forget email. Create an SMS marketing mailing list

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Text message mailing lists are extremely powerful compared to email lists – for a number of reasons;
1) 90% of all emails are spam compared to 1% of text messages (Symantic –2009, Mobile Marketing Association)
2) Only 22% of all emails are opened compared to 98% of text messages (Frost & Sullivan 2010)
3) The average person receives 1,216 emails per month compare to 178 text messages (ITU, 2010)
So, instead of collecting email addresses, it might be worth thinking about how you can collect your customers mobile numbers.
We recommend sending SMS for customer service (SMS reminders, appointment reminders, delivery notifications etc).  This method forms a relationship with your customer.  After trust is built, the customer service list can be used as a marketing mailing list.
Another method would be to use SMS Short Codes . These are widely used in marketing campaigns as a direct response channel for TV, radio, print, web and outdoor advertising. The user will respond to a campaign and their phone number is collected.
We’ve all seen how quickly email has become ruined by spam and so it’s important that mobile marketing doesn’t go the same way. As an SMS provider, we’re really conscious that SMS is a really powerful tool for marketers – with this power comes responsibility; to customers, the marketing industry and the channel.
Most of the guidelines around using SMS are concerned with whether or not you have permission to contact an individual or organisation to promote your brand, goods or services. For more information take a look at our SMS and the law document.

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