Tip of the week: Consider gender when sending SMS to your customers!

Topic: Esendex news

New research from Acison shows a definitive split between the manner in which males and females use text messaging services.  Acison worked with Internet psychologist Graham Jones to determine trends in the usage of text messaging.
The study questioned 2,000 respondents, the study found that men text a larger number of contacts than women, on average messaging 17 people regularly, compared to women who tend to text the same 13 people.
Men tend to use texting as a functional and easy way to communicate, without getting into a long conversation.  Women however tend to send longer messages (41%) or SMSs that say ‘I love you’ (54%).  Acison believes this is to ‘deepen relationships’.
This research suggests that men see texting as an easy way to communicate without getting into a conversation whereas women prefer a bit more conversation…worth considering when planning your SMS activity!

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