Time lapse movie: "Office Expansion at Esendex HQ"

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This spring we spread our wings and expanded into another 5,000sq ft of office space, in the same building at our HQ in Nottingham. This week we thought we’d give you a quick glimse into the office expansion.
Our creative senior software developer Jonathan, has taken the time to create a time lapse movie.
He made two time lapse cameras out of a kit of parts, including a Raspberry Pi, a PiFace Control and Display expansion module, a Raspberry Pi Camera and a case.  These cameras were mounted onto the office wall using Velcro, and took a still image once every minute, capturing all the action during the construction of the new office. The cameras recorded the pictures on memory cards which Jonathan later stitched together into time lapse videos, showing the building work happening from two angles during the whole transformation process.
The entire thing has been compressed into a short one minute trailer for your convenience. We love it, we hope you do too!

Here’s a picture of the finished office:

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