“This is not science fiction”: contact lenses can display your text messages

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In  a new development by Belgian researchers, it is now possible to project text messages from a mobile on to a contact lens. The LCD lens can handle projected images or text using wireless technology.
The display can perform a number of functions due to its capacity to handle different pixel numbers and sizes.
According to the researchers, it can display one big pixel, which fully covers the lens so it acts as “adaptable sunglasses”, or displays many different pixels to show symbols.
Jelle De Smet, head researcher for the project, said in a press release that the biggest obstacle the team faced was getting the liquid crystal cells to form a curved sphere.
“The main challenge was to create a very thin, spherically curved substrate with active layers that could withstand the extreme moulding processes,” he said.
“This is not science fiction,” he added, hinting that commercial applications for the lenses will be available within five years.
“Now that we have established the basic technology, we can start working towards real applications, possibly available in only a few years,” said Professor Herbert De Smet.
According to the team, it could also have future uses in both the medical and cosmetic fields.
For individuals with a damaged iris and increased sensitivity to light, the lens could darken in order to control the amount of light being transmitted to the retina.
Lenses endowed with the technology could also be used to change the colour of the iris.

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