The power of instant feedback with SMS Surveys

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SMS surveys and the power of instant feedback
Research and insight are key to building a sustainable business, regardless of your industry. cite timing and methods of engagement as being key to generating better response rates together with methods of non-invasive data gathering.  
Beyond direct on-the-spot polling, SMS Surveys are a light touch method of gathering feedback and communicating with customers, employees and followers of your business. A proven method of engagement that is effective, low-cost and now even more responsive to customer events, with the introduction of the new Esendex SMS Surveys API.
SMS Surveys are a great way to gather Net Promoter Scores, product feedback and customer satisfaction data.  By using SMS the feedback is often immediate and high response rates provide invaluable Business Information to help you  identify when you need to improve your products, services and processes.  
Earlier this month we launched the SMS Surveys API. This means businesses can now integrate their existing CRM and business applications with our API to automatically send out surveys when it matters most.
The SMS Surveys API  allows your business to collect feedback at the freshest point of interaction, following customer contact with your product or service. This enables your business to quickly identify what is going right and more importantly what can be looked at to improve the customer experience.

SMS Surveys enjoy high conversions with 31% of consumers responding to surveys within 5 minutes on average (Smart Insight)

Sending personalised surveys by mobile, integrating data from your CRM and other applications can achieve an even higher-response rate, helping you to capture better data at a time most convenient to your customers.
Find convenience in our API whereby  new recipients are added on a regular basis without the need for manual upload.

SMS is the most widely-used application on a smartphone, 97% of consumers use it at least once a day. (Pew Internet)

By using your own data to ask questions quickly and without intrusion you can effectively reduce conventional email, poll or telephone survey times and increase your engagement and response rates.
How confident are you in your existing research collation methods? Whether it’s market research, customer service, opinion polls, employment campaigns or product launches, have you considered the power of SMS Surveys?
Find out for yourself how simple it can be to integrate with our SMS Surveys API or for further information on how SMS Surveys could benefit your business call 0345 356 5758.

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