The Esendex Team sleeps rough to raise money

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The Esendex Team are taking part in Frameworks biggest annual fundraising event by sleeping rough in the Streets of Nottingham. Funds raised from the “Big Sleep Out” will ensure that our charity partner is able to continue helping homeless and vulnerable people and giving them the chance of a better life. The event gives participants an idea of how sleeping rough in the streets must be like and provides them with a unique challenge. A challenge the Esendex Team, despite freezing temperatures and the prospect of sleeping on hard concrete, has gladly accepted to raise awareness and much needed funds.

There are 6 members in the team each needing to raise a minimum of £50. Marketing Manager, Ed, says: “It’s not going to be pretty and it’s likely to be very cold! However, I’m sure the event will be good fun and the end goal is to raise money for Framework and exposure for their cause which we’re all very willing to do. Lets hope it doesn’t rain!”
If you’d like to support the Esendex team you can find their donation page on the JustGiving website.

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