The Dos and Don'ts of SMS Landing Pages

Topic: Technology

SMS marketing is the perfect channel to communicate directly with your customers. Nowadays, our mobile phones never leave our side, which makes sending a text message a great way to engage with your customer base. Our latest survey on the open rate for SMS demonstrates this perfectly, with final results boasting an impressive 95%.
SMS marketing allows businesses to send personalised offers, reminders, delivery notifications, surveys and much more, straight to their customers’ mobile phone, helping to keep them informed and happy.
Allowing a business to communicate quickly and effectively with their customers is what Esendex strive to achieve. We are constantly developing new and exciting features to allow businesses to communicate better and our latest product is no different. Within our online platform, Messaging Studio, businesses can build a bespoke, mobile optimised webpage, that can be sent as a link within the body of a text message.
When building an SMS Landing Page, businesses can use their brand colours, include images, extra text, and a call to action button, as well as personalising it to the end user using dynamic fields. The bonus that an SMS Landing Page has over a normal SMS, is that on most mobile phones, it will display a preview image of the page and a small description, helping to increase click-through rate
To help you get the most out of SMS Landing Pages we have put together a dos and don’ts guide that you can read below. It goes through the key elements you need to include in the landing page and tips for writing the text message.

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