Tech Friday at Esendex

Topic: Developers

AlexFriday saw the long awaited return of our Tech Friday – a day where the technical teams work on an improvement of their choice to the Esendex systems. The mission for Tech Friday is simple:
Create, deliver and present a tangible useful improvement or task within a day. The more awesome the better!
With this in mind we had no less than 16 improvements proposed by the tech teams for the day from better error handling for our APIs to jQuery plugins to infrastructure and monitoring improvements for our operator connectivity.
The day kicked off with a brief presentation from each team on their chosen improvement before the coding began in earnest; breaking midday to consume the customary pizza ahead of the final afternoon showdown – presenting to the company. Here’s a few selected highlights:
jQuery SMS plugin by James & Oliver
A jQuery plugin that converts mobile numbers on a page to links to our online messaging application Echo. Perfect for rapidly adding the ability to send SMS to any web application.
(Source is available on GitHub here)
Python SDK by Jordon
A simple SDK to send and receive SMS using our APIs from Python
(Source not yet released, drop us a note @esendex if you’d like it)
Google Auth module for Drupal by Jacob & Paul
A module to allow users to login to Drupal with their Google credentials rather than having to maintain credentials in a separate repository – really helpful for an ISO27001 compliant company!
(Source not yet released, drop us a note @esendex if you’d like it)
Thanks to everyone who took part and we look forward to Tech Friday becoming a more frequent event over the coming months!

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