STAN’s your man!

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The Greater Nottingham Transport Partnership (GNTP) is using the services of Esendex in a bid to engage with the public and promote its future plans for transport in Greater Nottingham.   Working on a project called The Big Wheel, GNTP are aiming to encourage people to use public transport, walk and cycle and reduce car usage. Part of the project is STAN’s Plan, a campaign that encourages people to think about the way they travel around Nottingham. 
Kay Hardiman from the GNTP speaks highly of Esendex and the Freetext 80800 service,

“We chose Esendex for its reputation as experts in SMS and were confident the service could deliver and it has. The service is very simple and involves people texting STAN along with their name and address to receive a free copy of STAN’s Plan, which gives them an outline of future transport plans.”

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