SMS pricing reductions from now until 31-December

Topic: Esendex news
We’re got some great offers for customers signing up to our Monthly Tariffs in UK and Ireland from now until 31st December. We’ve improved our account credit terms and reduced tariffs as a way to help companies optimise their cash flow and control of their finances – a welcome addition to our pricing terms in this current climate.
Businesses in the UK and Ireland can benefit from a thirty-day account with flat rate pricing that will not be invoiced until the end of each month. UK customers that sign up to a Direct Debit payment plan before 31 December 2008 will receive a discount of 10 per cent on all SMS message prices for the duration of their contract. There are no set up fees in either country and Irish customers will receive a 20 per cent discount upon signing up to a monthly Tariff.  
We’re also currently offering free virtual mobile numbers that usually cost £10 per month in the UK and €15 in Ireland. Virtual mobile numbers allow you to receive SMS as well as send SMS.
So if you want to save money, get flexible account terms, and receive SMS for free – sign up to one of our monthly tariffs now!
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