Sleep texting through the night

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Move over sleepwalking. It seems that ‘sleep-texting’ is something that’s becoming increasingly common these days. Apparently mobile phone users have been reported to have text friends and family while they were sleeping, and then waking in the morning, completely unaware of their nocturnal antics. 
Sleep professionals and scientists see the phenomenon as a natural extension of our reliance of SMS messaging. According to Larry Rosen, professor of psychology at California State University, sleep texting is an inevitable result of people sleeping next to their phones, who text while they are in a state of unconsciousness.
Other sleep experts believe that messages can be written while someone is awake, but they suffer amnesia from the event. Scott Fromherz, medical director of Westside Sleep Centre in Tigard, says, “The ‘sleep texter’ may have actually been awake, but had not formed new memories for the event. There is a ‘built-in’ amnesia of sleep that occurs when the brain is briefly awakened for less than three minutes.”
Sleep texting may not be as dangerous as sleepwalking but I’m sure it’s pretty embarrassing reading what you sent out the next day. I’ll not be sleeping with my mobile on the bedside table in the future, just in case.
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