Send text messages to your appliances – yet another interesting use of SMS!

Topic: Esendex news

At CES 2014, LG will be revealing details about a messaging service in its new range of smart appliances, that will allow users to control them via sending a text message.
The new HomeChat feature will enable users to text their appliances – the appliances are pre-programmed to respond accordingly. The SMS service will be built into LG’s fridges, washing machines, ovens and robotic vacuum cleaners.
For example, if you text “I’m going on holiday” to a fridge, the system will send you a text message back with something along the lines of  “Should I convert to holiday mode?” –  a positive reply will then switch your fridge into this mode.
The intelligent SMS system will also be able to tell you what’s in the fridge, suggest recipes via the smart oven, set the vacuum cleaner off around the house and remotely start a load of laundry.
The text commands will be available in English and Korean, with more commands and answers available in the future.
We’re always really excited about the creative ways SMS is deployed – it will be interesting to see how well consumers take to it!

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