Santa’s secret helper revealed [Infographic]

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Employee engagement is crucial to smooth operations, especially during the busy seasons. According to Weekdone, companies with highly effective internal communications are 7 times more likely to use agile communication tools.
We’ve been working with Father Christmas this year to make sure his grotto is running as efficiently as possible. With 526 million chimneys to squeeze down, a workforce of hundreds of thousands of elves and one delivery sleigh, Santa has a huge task on his hands.
When your goal is as ambitious as making sure Christmas goes without a hitch, ensuring that your team are working towards a shared goal can be achieved through routine communication with your staff.
Mobile provides multiple solutions in thousands of scenarios. Think real life: office closures, last-minute meetings, employee surveys, voting polls and work rotas; there’s no faster way to notify staff about short notice events.
Even the most committed company at the busiest time of year uses mobile and SMS solutions to help get everything right on Christmas Day.
Santa's little helper infographic

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