Record breaking results for Esendex Christmas campaign

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Every year, just before the Christmas break, we send our customers a festive message. It rounds off the year with a bit of a highlights reel, and hints at what’s to come. Previously we’ve relied on email, sharing the challenges that most marketers are experiencing of decreasing open and click-through rates.
Consequently, we were excited to be able to send a new type of message to our customer base this year, in the form of an SMS Landing Page.

The benefits

The Landing Page was easy to set-up, using the Messaging Studio platform. We created an Esendex branded design, a Christmas message and added a call to action button. Then we simply uploaded our data file of customer mobile numbers, tested and sent an SMS with a link to the landing page to our customer base.
One of the advantages of SMS Landing Pages is that you can send the same visually appealing design as an email campaign, while still benefiting from the impressive open rate of an SMS!

The results

We sent the campaign to customers in the UK, Ireland, Australia, Spain and France. The new message type was well received, with all countries experiencing a significant increase in CTR, compared to email campaigns. In the UK the click-through rate was 8.5%, compared to email where it was just 0.9%.

“As telecommunication experts, we continually strive to create exciting and effective ways to improve communication channels. SMS Landing Page messaging is just the first step towards bridging the gap between customer and brand.” – Geoff Love | Chief Executive Officer | Esendex

record breaking results for Esendex
It is not just us that have experienced such impressive results from the new messaging platform. Four Star Pizza, one of Ireland’s leading pizza delivery chains, recently sent an SMS Landing Page campaign, promoting their special Black Friday offer.
The results were fantastic; they successfully engaged their customers and witnessed an average CTR of 10%, as well as a 30% increase in conversion rate, when compared to their previous standard SMS campaign.
If you’d like to discuss how an SMS Landing Page campaign can help to improve your customer communication, simply get in touch, we’ll be happy to help.

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