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While they have improved our ability to multi-task, smartphones and their capabilities have left us with a much shorter attention span –  even a goldfish can hold a thought for longer.
Research conducted by Microsoft earlier this year, highlighted the effect of digitalised lifestyles on the brain claiming that the average person’s concentration was lost after just eight seconds.
How can your business benefit from this?
79% of respondents stated that they regularly dual screen, using a portable device while watching television, so reaching customers on-the-go is key. But with a plethora of features and options available on a smartphone, committing to a purchase or filling out forms are always going to be easily distracted by something else.
Smartphone users love their phones, more than two billion people use theirs for more than two hours a day (Call Centre Helper) which is why being mobile friendly is no longer enough. Most businesses offer mobile users a responsive experience when really these are just scaled down versions of their desktop site. At what point are you considering user experience?
If there’s one thing the mobile was made for, it was for getting things done on-the-go. By removing distractions and providing a simple route you can guide your customers along a simple, successful journey from A to B.
Opt for efficient and accessible paths which reduce obstacles often present with a scaled down version of your desktop site.
Introducing Mobile Journeys…
Encourage customer engagement, increase mobile form completion, securely process mobile payments and create rich media marketing campaigns that achieve your business goals.
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