Price of stamps rocket! Have you thought about sending a text message instead?

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With the Royal Mail recently announcing a price increase in the cost of stamps, will you be looking for a cheaper and quicker way to communicate?
From 30 April, the cost that Brits will pay for stamps will increase by 39%. The cost of an individual stamp will rise from 46p to 60p for first-class stamps and from 36p to 50 for second-class stamps.
This announcement has been made public by the state-owned postal service just after the communications watchdog Ofcom allowed it to establish its own prices.

“This is not great news for consumers. I doubt anyone is going to think about the challenges facing Royal Mail when they are paying 60p for a first-class stamp. Unfortunately, the economics of Royal Mail meant that something had to give to maintain the Universal Service Obligation,”
stated Robert Hammond from Consumer Focus.
Since the arrival of new technologies such as the internet and text messages, traditional mail has lost many users. This new increase is predicted to do nothing but convince many of those who send letters in the post that there are quicker and cheaper ways of communication available.
This is one of the reasons why a number of businesses are choosing to send sms messages, to reach their customers and staff quickly, efficiently and at low cost.

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