Prepare for Black Friday with SMS

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If you’re a retailer the two words on the tip of everyone’s tongue is Black Friday. It seems the Brits are adopting American culture and it started with Halloween. Now consumers are eagerly awaiting the chaotic sales day, which year upon year has painted happy shoppers black and blue in the race for a good deal.
The promotional day is great for a consumer, looking for last minute bargains before Christmas and perfect for retail businesses who are looking to see bulkier profits in the lead up to Christmas.  In retail and ecommerce the key to a successful deal is building up the excitement and hype in the lead up to the event. If you want to pip your competitors to the post then finding the most responsive, low cost and intuitive ways to promote is key and this is where our web bulk SMS packages could help.
We know retail well, so if you haven’t already prepared your Black Friday campaigns, here’s 5 ways SMS can help:
– Shoppers in the UK spent £810 million on Black Friday last year which means missing the opportunity to get your piece of the business pie is just an SMS away. Find out whether your customers are planning to visit your store by asking them to opt in to receive Black Friday updates on deals your promoting throughout the day.
– 60% of traffic for online Black Friday sales came from smartphone last year. This means that sending an SMS with a link to a specified landing page or URL made for Black Friday could be a hit.
– Last year’s happy shoppers gave Black Friday the nickname “Black and Blue Friday” following a few pushes and shoves. If you’re worried about safety on the day send out bulk SMS messages to your customers with an ‘invite only’ policy. That way you will know how many people to expect and promote safe shopping.
– If you’re an online or ecommerce website, integrate your business system with our API to send out automated SMS efficiently when purchases are made to give your customers that extra peace of mind.
– Use bulk SMS to grow your database for those Christmas and January sale shoppers you want to attract. When customers purchase something off your website, get them to leave their mobile number and opt in. Alternatively when customers visit your store, print your chosen keyword onto in-store advertising to get them to opt in.
To get started with your Black Friday bulk SMS campaign contact us on 0345 356 5758.

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