Pollen allergies: the dark side of Spring

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After the harsh winter breezes and chilling frosts, many people welcome the warmer weather of spring. Unfortunately, for over 10 million Brits who suffer from pollen allergies or asthma, spring isn’t as bright as the rest of us believe.
With hayfever rates expected to triple between now and 2030 due to city living, pollution and climate change, this presents a real challenge for businesses try to cope with the reduced productivity hayfever prompts.
Hay fever costs UK business £7.1 billion every year in lost productivity. A recent study from the Met Office has found the irritable symptoms of pollen allergies causes a 40% drop in productivity.
The survey of more than 2000 UK adults also revealed that 23% found the condition was impacting their ability to turn up at work and those experiencing severe hay fever took an average of 3.7 days off work in relation.

How GPs and Pharmacies can proactively ease the symptoms

It was widely reported in 2016 that the UK has the worst productivity in the G7 countries and that it’s still falling. It’s in everyone’s interest to improve UK workers’ productivity – and so information to ease the anguish caused by the symptoms should be readily available.
By using SMS, doctors’ surgeries and pharmacies can send pollen allergy alerts directly to patients warning them of a particularly high pollen count that day. A pollen count alert text message will enable sufferers to receive up-to-date information directly to their mobile.

Steps to help avoid allergy symptoms

Pollen forecasts help those with allergies plan their day accordingly. Those trying to avoid high exposure will appreciate a helpful reminder message: “remember to close your windows before leaving the house as pollen counts are very high today” or “Don’t forget to take your sunglasses today and protect your eyes from pollen”.

Send product information to patients

Pharmacies have an excellent opportunity to notify current patients when remedies and medicines such as antihistamines, eye drops and nasal sprays are available in store.
SMS notifications regarding when new or restocked products can be purchased or offering discounts on symptom relief products can also benefit those who suffer from hayfever.
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