Our CEO reveals his New Year's resolution

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It’s that time of the year when people around the globe put extra emphasis on achieving personal goals. A roundup of the top New Year’s resolutions typically include: losing weight, drinking less, getting fit and learning something new. As featured on freshbusinessthinking.com, here’s our CEO, Julian Hucker and his New Year’s resolution:
To smile more in meetings
Julian comments;
“Entrepreneurs tend never to be satisfied – that’s what makes them so successful. You’re always looking for the next opportunity or to improve parts of your business.
“But there’s plenty to smile about here at Esendex – we’re growing at a fantastic rate and have just recorded our biggest month ever. I get to work with some brilliant people (our staff and our customers) and our quality of service is second to none.
“There’s no room for complacency though and so there’s lots more exciting stuff planned to smile about in the months ahead.”

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