New Year, New You with SMS Surveys

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SMS surveys for new year 2016As a New Year dawns, new outlooks, fresh changes and preparations for better thinking begin to appear not just with consumers but in business too. By the end of January, it is estimated that 1 in 3 people have already abandoned their commitment to positive changes and developments. So how can you ensure that you as a business don’t fall into this stat and make resolutions that you can stick to both in the New Year and beyond?
While retailers are in the thick of their busiest time of year, monitoring customer experience methods can seem difficult. With long queues at the till and busy staff, sometimes relying on them to gather information about your customers seems impossible, but now is really the time you want to be focusing on. Approaches taken by staff, manners used and processes undertaken over the busier periods can help you get to know your business better and identify what processes or areas could be better improved for your customer over your next busiest or most profitable time.
As you regain focus for your business in 2016 having the right data that underpins these processes, to analyse, could help you exceed your targets for the New Year, but collecting it during such a hectic period can seem problematic. This is where Esendex’ SMS Surveys could help.
What did your customers like, what didn’t they like?
How would your customers have liked to see things done differently and which area of your store did they visit?
Who served them and at what time of day?
These are all questions your business should be asking. When trying to adopt or implement new approaches, having the data to endorse those decision is constructive.
Cutting out the paper and ink and the need for your customers to stand aside while a staff member serves someone else, SMS surveys can offer much higher response rates than traditional feedback approaches providing more reliable and representative data. Reaching them on-the-go, the SMS survey approach can also help your customers feel valued and recognised individually for their contribution to your wider business showing that your company is willing to adapt and change with a customer centric approach.
Better data equals better improvements and the ability to replicate or enhance the success of the busy seasons. Make a change that’s right for your business, giving you the results you need, for the New Year and beyond, with SMS surveys. For more information please contact us on 0345 356 5758.

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