Never miss a conversation with voice callbacks

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Nowadays we’re constantly on the move, whether that’s at work, shopping, exercising or on the school run, it’s becoming more difficult for businesses to have meaningful conversations with their customers.
Businesses are generally faced with two options, either call their customers at a time that may not be convenient, or customers can call in and wait to connect to an agent – when time is so valuable, neither option is effective.
Voice callbacks are transforming this process. Customers can reply to a text message or text a shortcode to receive an instant or scheduled callback. Not only is it more convenient, but calling when you know they’re available leads to more valuable conversations.
This communication tool is versatile and can be used across a variety of industries to make it easier for your customers to get in touch, from debt collection and financial services to public sector and retail. Whether they need to make a payment or have a query on a housing or loan application, voice callbacks help you to become more efficient.
In order to truly keep your customers happy you need to make interacting easy with a variety of touchpoints available. Take a look at our SMS, voice, web and multichannel solutions today for inspiration.

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