My mobile phone is smart enough!

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Although the use of smartphones is undoubtedly on the rise these days, new research has revealed that a surprising amount of UK consumers are unwilling to join this growing trend.  Many consumers are happy to stick with their less sophisticated phones.
According to the new study released by YouGov, which undertook a poll of more than 2,000 mobile users in the UK, 47% of them own a smartphone. The remaining 53% of mobile users are satisfied with their simpler ‘feature phone’, even if it lacks internet connectivity.
Interestingly, four out of ten Brits stated they feel they have “no need” for a smartphone, while a further 40% argued that the devices are ‘too expensive’ to even be considered.
John Gilbert, Consulting Director of YouGov’s technology and telecoms team, commented on the results of this research. “To address the various barriers to smartphone conversion requires a better understanding of the complacent and currently satisfied feature phone market.”
It also appears that the majority of British consumers are not thinking about changing their current handsets. When asked whether they are planning to upgrade to a smartphone in the next 18 months, only 16% of respondents admitted to considering the purchase of a smartphone.
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