Mobile gives Easter tourism a boost

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It’s Easter, the start of holiday season, and if you don’t have a plan to engage mobile users, you’re missing out.
Mobile devices play an increasingly important role in tourism: everything from investigating locations, comparing flight prices, booking accommodation and even looking at the weather is now done through mobiles.

For 72% of holiday goers, mobile phones are key when planning vacations. And 23% of online reservations made during Easter will be made through mobile devices (source).

So, having a good mobile strategy is critical for companies in the tourism sector. When developing this, it’s important to take into account not only your customers needs during their stay but also the communication and experience they get before and after their visit.
According to a study by Expedia, 70% of people who use their smartphone throughout the whole trip believe it enhances the travel experience from start to finish.
This represents a great opportunity to improve the experience of your customers and generate new business opportunities.
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How can you ensure that your customers receive your messages, even when they’re abroad?

When communicating with your customers via mobile, you should take into account that internet access may be limited while they are on holiday.
SMS ensures that your customers receive all your messages wherever they are, regardless of their internet connection, device or data plan.
In addition, thanks to solutions like the Esendex SMS API, you can integrate the sending of SMS into your system, allowing you to send offers, confirmations and reservation updates to your customers automatically.

4 ways to deliver a great mobile experience

Travel agents, excursion operators and hotels have many opportunities to explore mobile communication with customers through SMS both before, during and after their stay.
Here are some ideas that will add value to your service and increase your income while improving your customer’s experience:
Number 1Send booking confirmations via SMS to prevent important information from becoming lost in their email inbox. You can include the address and the dates of the booking to help them get there safely
Number 2Inform customers of any extra services you offer, such as parking, Wi-Fi or room service, and also welcome your guests on the day of their arrival
Number 3Knowing if your customers are happy with your services is very important for your business. SMS surveys have a 45% response rate and allow you to see the results in real time
Number 4Don’t forget your clients after check-out; make sure you send them a message offering a discount to reward their loyalty providing even more reasons to come back.
Esendex SMS is secure, fast and reliable. If you’re interested in knowing more options on how to integrate mobile into your customer communication strategy, please don’t hesitate to contact our team on 0345 356 5758 or at [email protected].

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