Making notifications more engaging with rich content

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SMS has been celebrated as one of the world’s most successful communication channels for the last 25 years. Text messages are used to notify recipients for all manner of events, from school closures to doctors appointments and even suspected fraudulent activity on bank accounts.
SMS Landing Pages and RCS promises a richer, more engaging experience for recipients and from a marketing perspective, it’s not hard to visualise how this might work in practice. However, when it comes to what we term transactional messages, such as alerts or notifications, it can be more challenging to see how rich content could help.

The benefits of rich messaging

In order to illustrate some of the benefits a richer experience can generate, let’s look at a common scenario for many of our customers: how to reduce the number of missed appointments.

The appointment confirmation

Traditionally this would be a simple SMS with the appointment date and time, which has been a very successful medium for sending appointment confirmation messages.
However, by using rich content, we can provide the recipient with additional information about the appointment, including a map, images and add-to-calendar functionality.

SMS Landing Page

The appointment reminder

This type of reminder message is often sent 24-48 hours before the appointment.
Rich content can again be used to provide a more engaging reminder message. The message can include call-to-action buttons for common actions such as changing or cancelling the appointment or to initiate a call to a customer service team.
These two simple messages, when augmented with rich content and powerful call-to-action buttons, can drastically reduce the chance of a no show, or at the very least make it easy for the recipient to notify the business of a change or cancellation.
Missed appointments is something that affects many industries, not least healthcare. In fact, it is estimated that 12 million GP appointments are missed each year in the UK, costing a huge £162 million per year.
However, according to Appointment Plus, text message reminders can increase appointment attendance by nearly 50%. Rich messaging will only further improve these stats, by allowing the recipient the option to reschedule or cancel an appointment within the message.  

Make it personal

A golden rule for customer communication is the more personalised the message, the more effective your campaign. As recipients become increasingly digitally savvy, their demands for increased personalisation grows. In fact, consumers want more than just their name included within the message, they expect businesses to understand their needs and provide relevant and desirable information, products, services and solutions all tailored to them as an individual.
Rich messaging enables businesses to match and surpass consumer expectations through the use of dynamic fields, both in the original text message and within the Landing Page design itself.  This is an incredibly simple act, using double square brackets around the text you want to replace.

SMS Landing Page

If you are interested in learning more about how rich messaging can help improve the effectiveness of your notification messages, simply complete our contact form.

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