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Personalisation plays a part in the purchasing decisions of 86% of consumers. With this in mind businesses should focus on optimising the customer’s complete experience with the right targeting and information, communicating this across the most relevant channels. Mobile journeys offers this simplicity working on any smartphone when sent via an SMS, email or web link.
Cost effective and offering a higher level of engagement, how can Mobile Journeys be used to further enhance the customer’s experience of your business or brand?
Personalised pages
73% of consumers prefer to do business with brands that use personal information to make their shopping experiences more tailored. Where hitting your targets and driving traffic to particular web pages is important, our in house team can work with you and the customer data you have to re-imagine the relationships for reward and loyalty schemes or even groups ordered by demographics.
Customise with your branding, products and use to support and enhance the experience of targeted marketing campaigns.
Painless payments
For the everyday consumer, paying bills can be not only painful for the purse but costly in time. Model your current payment process into a mobile journey to ensure that your customers can find and manage all the information they require in one place, such as balances owed, contact details and previous payments, all while on-the-go. See the number of payments processed increase and the strain on manpower decline.
The journey for retail transactions can also be made mobile, offering products specific to spending habits in a fully PCI compliant and secure capacity.
Fast forms
Having the right data to hand can mean better targeting for your marketing campaigns, better responses and improved performance and service. But what is the best way to capture that data? Quick, simple and low cost, mobile forms incorporated into a Mobile Journey can help your business gain better responses due to the convenience it offers.
Use for customer surveys, to improve customer and company interaction and for assessments all to make your communication and performance better as a business.
If you are interested in a more economical and engaging method of communication then why not contact our team on 0345 356 575 for more information.

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