Make Sure Your Event Goes Off With a Bang!

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The evening skies later this evening will light up across the country with fireworks and bonfires in memory of Guy Fawkes’ foiled gunpowder plot. Firework night among several other public celebrations, such as Halloween, falls during Autumn, spawning numerous celebrations and engagements in the lead up to Christmas and beyond. Events that need promoting and managing smoothly and efficiently.
If you are one of many businesses organising events or seasonal functions in Autumn or Winter then you will know that the weather can sometimes play havoc with your plans leading to further expense and inconvenience. Having the right communication tools to connect with security, bar or waiting staff and the perfect channels for promoting or contacting your guest list is key.
So how can SMS be used to promote your business events or seasonal occasions?
To spark excitement
Use SMS to give your attendees insight into what makes your event special, create some buzz. 160 characters should be enough to spark intrigue and get those bookings made, whether for Christmas parties or New Year’s Eve firework extravaganzas.
Pushing ticket sales
If you already have a long list of people you want to invite to your event then initiate bookings or the purchase of tickets by offering advanced ticket sales to the first 1,000 with a telephone number or link to your designated web page. 64% of event planners have said that early bird discounts are often the most effective promotion.
Up-to-date on event changes
The weather could be among numerous unexpected prizes in the lead up to your proposed event or occasions which is where bulk SMS sending could work to alert attendees. Use automated SMS and connect with our SMS API to push out notifications when something key or of note happens that is likely to change plans.
Staff alerts and updates
A popular way of communication with employees who are regularly on the move, particularly if security staff contracting or caterers travelling the country, regular SMS bulletins are an effective and instant way to make sure that your staff are kept in the know.
With the impending occasions of Christmas and New Year whether you’re a restaurant, events company or retailer now is the time to put the right communication tools in place.
For more information on setting up a promotional SMS campaign for your event contact the team on 0345 356 5758

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