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In sales, the mid-way point to success is being on top of performance, especially where targets are enforced, and in the ecommerce industry it pays more to know exactly how you are performing.  How you do this can be made even more of a challenge when you have a wide global presence and stores in several countries, each with their own performance profile.
The Esendex SMS notifications+ extension for Magento combats this challenge by enabling you to send sales reports, straight to the mobiles of sales managers and other key stakeholders daily, weekly and monthly. Send anywhere in the world to keep everyone on the pulse. Where language can be a barrier and to support a global team, we also support multiple languages and provide pre-defined templates so that your teams can receive personalised reports in the language that’s most suited to them.
Where time is of the essence and the need to pinpoint performance issues is required, the SMS notifications+ plugin for also enables almost instant delivery of reports on revenue, order numbers and even the individual number of units sold. Combine this with the high availability of SMS among employees and speed of the Esendex system, you can avoid the delays associated with overwhelming email inboxes reaching their size limit or email spam filters, afterall email open rates fall short of SMS at just 20% compared to 98% of SMS.
At Esendex we offer a number of solutions to help our customers be the best they can be at communicating internally as well as with their customers. We understand that good communication is all about the channels that you choose to use. 86% of employees say companies should use SMS for more than just customer communications. Is is time that your business did?
If you’re interested in installing SMS notifications+ for Magento or want to find out more about the various business communication solutions we offer, call us on 0345 356 5758 to discuss your requirements.

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