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Have you ever been at work, with your mobile phone in the drawer, yet still wanted (and needed) to send an SMS? Look no further, TxtVia is here (only for Android users at the moment)!
TxtVia was built in just 24 hours at Leeds Hack. The inventers of the App are Kyle, Chuck, Swav and Sean. The App won the prestigious Esendex Challenge for the best use of our SMS API.

The winning team looking pretty chuffed

The winning team looking pretty chuffed with themselves

It cleverly integrates the Android system into a Google Chrome extension, allowing the user to send SMS messages through Google Chrome on their desktop, through their own Android Phone and then to receive the replies. Similar to iChat yet for mobile text messages.

TxtVia App

The users also have the ability to assign many devices and choose which device to send with – or even use Esendex, therefore having a virtual mobile phone in your browser!
With a fantastic user interface and great functionality, this App, when polished will go a long way as a useful and time saving tool.
There were a number of other Apps created on the day. Have a look below for details on these;
  • Commutapp – keeping you updated via SMS of any problems with your usual journey
  • Hang the DJ – decide a playlist through the power of sms messages, last.fm, democracy and Spotify
  • 999now.com – getting local, trained first responders to heart attack victims fast
  • SMSafe – retrieve your important PIN numbers and passwords via SMS
  • SMSHunt – a tresure hunt powered by SMS
  • Let me know when – get an SMS when a product you like gets to the price you’d pay
  • Voterbot – think the X-Factor voting is dodgey? Here’s the answer!
  • PleasePledge! – pledge cash via sms for buying the product for charities
  • SMS Pub Crawl – in a strange city having a drink? Want to get to the next pub? Never fear!

You can find out more about #leedshack on their website:

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