Introducing the text and media templates for Messaging Studio

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Esendex are pleased to announce the release of another great new enhancement to our Messaging Studio platform (our online platform where you can create and send rich content along with a text message to your customers) – text and media templates

What are text and media templates?

Text and media templates make it easy to start sending richer content to customers’ mobile devices in a much faster way than before by selecting one of three template types. 
By selecting one of the templates, the user can quickly compile either a simple text message, an image/video message, or a message which uses a combination of graphics, text and call to action buttons.
Both the text and image/video templates can be enhanced by including attachments which appear inline within a message, or customers are directed to a weblink which holds the media file.

How do text and media templates work?

The way the new enhancement works is easy. After choosing to ‘Create New Template’ from within the Messaging Studio template library, the user will be presented with a menu where one of the 3 options can be selected.
After making a selection, the editing screen will then be presented where a message can be designed which is based on the template that has been selected.

The text and media template selector

What can the text and media templates be used for?

The templates can be used to create 3 different types of messages. Here are just a few examples of how each can be used:

  • Simple Text
    Customers can now send a simple text with the benefit of branding from the RCS channel. Customers also have the option to include files, such as PDFs. Using the Simple Text template is ideal for supplying things like instruction manuals, product specifications and T’s and C’s
  • Image or video
    Send an array of image or video files including JPG, PNG, MP4 and more. Perfect for sending promotional messages, offers and also video advertising and how to videos
  • Graphics, text and buttons
    Great for getting your customers to perform an action at the end of the message. Booking confirmations, links to payment portals, collecting information, fraudulent alerts and delivering personalised offers etc.

When are the text and media templates available?

The selector is available to all Messaging Studio users today. To find out more about the feature and register for a free trial, please get in touch with a member of the Esendex team today via [email protected] or 0345 356 5758

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