Introducing Magento SMS notifications+

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Do you use the Magento platform to support your E-commerce presence? Our free Magento SMS extension gives you a seamless and simple way to communicate with both your customers and sales teams through automated text messages.
Keep your customers in the know
Our easy to use Magento extension gives you the capability to send automated order and shipping updates via SMS. With SMS’ unbeatable open rates at 98% compared with 22% for email (Frost & Sullivan), it’s the ideal channel to keep your customers up to date with their order.
You can choose from 12 different triggers to send automated messages from the time when orders are placed, through to order completion. You can also personalise messages by including Magento data such as order number, shipping code and other custom fields to each SMS.
Get the latest sales stats
Our SMS extension is ideal for giving your sales team full visibility of the latest sales figures. Esendex SMS notifications+ can send you and your team automated text messages containing daily, weekly or monthly sales stats. You can target your messages to specific stores, departments or regions. These valuable insights mean impressive performances can be rewarded but also provide early visibility to ensure targets are met.
Calling all developers
Our SMS module has been built by Magento certified developers with developers in mind. Our Magento extension can be customised to meet your needs. Check out our open-source code on GitHub or take a look at our developer documentation for more information.
Getting started is easy
To give you a feel for the platform the first 25 text messages are on us! You can quickly install our Magento extension through the Connect store so you can be sending messages in minutes.
If you have any questions or want some extra information our friendly team are happy to help – call us on 0345 356 5758 or email [email protected].

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