Infographic: Smartphone users still prefer SMS messaging

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Apple has recently been in the headlines with the launch of iMessage, which enables i0S (Apple’s mobile operating system) users to send unlimited texts to fellow users without incurring charges.
The iMessage technology already exists in the form of mobile messging apps such as BBM (Blackberry Messenger),  WhatsApp and more. They all support text messaging but they are not SMS services; instead they rely on an internet connection to send messages.
Whilst person-to-person SMS is under threat from these new messaging services, application-to-person messaging continues to grow, as these messaging services only permit users to send a handful of messages simultaneously, to their personal contacts.  For commercial purposes an industrial-strength solution is required.
Research by YouGov shows that the majority of smartphone users are open to receiving marketing SMS, on their smartphones. Take a look at the stats in their infographic below;
SMS isn’t going away anytime soon. SMS is a value added service. A service which allows connection with almost any mobile phone worldwide, a service that stores your text message until the recipient turns their mobile phone on and a service that lets you know your message has been delivered.
What do you think the future holds for SMS messaging? It would be great to hear what you think.

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