How to make the most of the Euro 2020 buzz

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Among the many events postponed due to Covid-19, is the 2020 UEFA European Football Championship. Commonly referred to as Euro 2020, the tournament will now take place from June 11th 2021, in a number of stadiums across Europe. 

Even prior to the pandemic, Euro 2020 was considered a pioneer project. The first mobile mega-event, to take place over an entire continent. Though the impact of COVID-19 is ongoing all host stadiums, Wembley included, have committed to accommodating some live spectators

However, as is the case with any major sporting event, most spectators will participate in the excitement at home. Subsequently, Euro 2020 is expected to deliver a global live audience of over 5 billion viewers; many of which are likely to make event related purchases and take part in various competitions and events throughout the duration of the tournament. Consequently, Euro 2020 offers a great opportunity for businesses to engage with their customers. 

In today’s mobile-first society, connecting with your customer base using their preferred device and channel is the key to success. Arguably, this is why 61% of marketers confirmed that they planned to increase their SMS marketing budget in 2020. So below we have detailed a few SMS campaign ideas that businesses can run during Euro 2020, to help boost sales and brand awareness.

Advertise Euro 2020 inspired promotions

Hospitality businesses

With many restaurants and bars open and welcoming customers, albeit at a reduced capacity, advertising which matches will be played and encouraging diners to book tables in advance could prove very valuable. In addition, sending customers an SMS reminder prior to their booking enables businesses to start the customer experience prior to the booking and can help reduce no-shows by up to 40%

Being able to continue operating by offering take-out has been a great saviour for some hospitality companies during the pandemic. It’s anticipated that many spectators will still opt to watch matches from the comfort of their own home, providing the perfect opportunity for restaurants and bars to advertise their take-away offering. Using SMS landing pages hospitality businesses can promote food and drink offers to customers prior to match kick-off, with the added benefit of including imagery and a short description – improving the click-through rate. Additionally, using SMS, businesses can send customers order updates such as expected delivery time, direct to customer mobiles. 


In addition to the official UEFA Euro 2020 merchandise, retailers will be keen to market their own event-related merchandise to their customer base. With rich messaging, retailers can benefit from marketing these items via channels which boast a 27% click-rate and 42% conversion rate. 

Sports & leisure businesses

Euro 2020 also presents a great opportunity for sport and leisure businesses to motivate existing members and attract new ones. In addition to the usual summer campaigns, businesses could look at introducing Euro 2020 themed workouts, both online and outdoors. Or perhaps run competitions between members. For example, offer a free personal training session to the individual who sends a short video with the most consecutive kick-ups

Boost SMS marketing opt-in

Businesses can also run simple Euro 2020 competitions which promote customer engagement, while boosting SMS marketing opt-ins. For example, businesses could ask customers to text WINNER followed by the country they think will win Euro 2020 to a specified number. Once Euro 2020 has finished, all of those who sent in the correct country could then be entered into a prize draw, and a penultimate winner can be selected. 

By adding an auto reply text to all competition entries, businesses could ask individuals if they’d like to opt in to receive marketing messages and special offers in the future. With an average open rate of 95% and click rate between 8 – 32%, SMS can prove a very effective communication channel for delivering marketing messages to consumers. So using Euro 2020 as an opportunity to grow your business’s SMS marketing list, could prove worthwhile. 

Football and sport clubs

In recent years, football and sport clubs more generally have implemented text messaging to help improve supporter relationships. Following the implementation of SMS landing pages, Nottingham Forest FC saw a 25% increase in ticket sales. So SMS can be a great channel for clubs to share details of pre-match line-ups, the latest stats and various player rankings throughout Euro 2020. By providing timely, live updates, clubs can increase fan engagement and promote club loyalty, prior to season ticket renewals and stadiums re-opening. 

If you’d like any help organising or creating your own Euro 2020 campaigns, or indeed customer communications more generally, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0333 258 1722 or email [email protected].

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