Happy No Smoking Day!

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Today is No Smoking Day – over two-thirds of smokers say they want to stop but only a few actually manage to quit (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention).
Here at Esendex we thought we could help healthcare providers out there to think about their tobacco control campaigns from a slightly different angle.  We’ve suggested some ways to bust some of the common myths that exist around giving up the habit:
Weight gain – It is common but it isn’t inevitable, as long as people keep moving, make healthy food choices and eat healthy snacks it may never even be an issue. Visit Change4Life for inspiration to help people make smart lifestyle choices.
Anti-social – What with the indoor smoking ban, smoking has become an outcast to social situations, who wants to stand outside in the cold smoking a cigarette whilst your friends have all the fun inside?
Roll-ups aren’t as harmful – Roll-up’s may be even more harmful than cigarettes as they don’t have a filter!
I’ll get awful withdrawal symptoms – Whilst some smokers may just prefer to go cold turkey, others may be put off by this thought. GP’s and Stop Smoking Clinics are able to offer medicines and NRT (Nicotine Replacement Therapy) which can double the chances of successfully quitting.
I haven’t got time to go and see my GP – GP’s can provide support through a simple text message! According to The Guardian, sending a motivational text message to a smokers’ phone can help people to quit. Sending messages with encouragement up to ‘quit day’, help with cravings, and busting these myths can help double their chances!
Considering the overwhelming cost the effects of smoking has on the NHS and other healthcare providers, sending a simple and low cost text message seems a quick win to support those that are trying to give up.

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