Hack24 – Are you ready?

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Hack24 hype build blog image
Hack24 is almost here! For a second year running tickets have sold out within minutes of release – just a small indicator of how great this event really is. Now with the backing of Nottingham City Council, the 24 hour hackathon is set to be bigger, better and more competitive than last year.
Just a few days away, the fingers of hackers are already starting to twitch, eagerly awaiting the much anticipated event. All the challenge and prize details have been released, so preparation begins now!
We’re extremely proud to be a gold sponsor for Hack24, supporting our local tech community as well as the development of young programmers and hackers, which is also why we’ve set our own challenge for hackers to get their teeth into.
As we’re all about communication, our challenge follows suit and prompts you to think of ways you can improve communication between humans, animals, the planet, work – anything or anyone. Think about the values Esendex adopt and get creative.
Want to get the most out of your hacking creation? Use our SMS API to give your team a boost and claim 100 free SMS credits, irrespective of whether you choose to enter the Esendex challenge

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