Hack Manchester: E5ndx 7xt M5g Ch411ng3!!1!

Topic: Developers

On the 28th of October this year, over 200 techy minded individuals will descend upon the greatest industrial city on earth – Manchester.
Hack Manchester is a 24-hour coding competition that is being held during the Manchester Science Festival.  The idea is that teams of four turn up with an idea and just 24 hours later present a working product!
We decided to get involved by helping to sponsor the event. We love being involved in the developer community and see this as being important to continually improving our products and user experience.
We’re issuing attendees with a challenge:
We want to see our simple APIs used in smart ways. We’ve got a handy Push Notifications service for receiving messages and status updates, and a REST API for sending (and everything else).  There will be a cool prize for the winning team who comes up with a clever way of using them.
Hack Manchester will showcase talent, creativity, companies and students working hard to keep the UK’s tech industry thriving. Local companies and universities have been invited to submit teams of developers, designers and people with big ideas. There are even tickets for interested non-techies to attend the awards show to see the teams present their creations to the judges.

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