Gordon Brown backs SMS Appointment Reminders ahead of pre-Budget Report

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The BBC today reported that Gordon Brown highlighted the sending of text message reminders for NHS appointments as just one simple step that can be taken to focus spending on “the frontline”.
Mr Brown estimated that £600m could be saved on GP appointments alone.
We couldn’t agree more – we know just how successful a use of SMS this is.  We’ve had great results in both the private and public sectors, including the NHS.  Whether it’s using a simple Web SMS tool or integration SMS with back-office software via an API.
The problem within the public sector is that purchasing is so strangled and fragmented that it takes an age to get set-up.  What should take 24 hours ends up taking 12 months.
So Mr Brown – if you’re reading this do please get in touch (julian.hucker(at)esendex.com) – I’d love the opportunity to talk you through just how powerful Business SMS can be!

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