Going mobile for International Day of Charity

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This Saturday is International Day of Charity – it’s a great day to recognise all the hard work that charities do and encourage donations.
Research shows that those aged over 60 are twice as likely to give to charity than those under 30 (Charities Aid Foundation – CAF). Charities need to innovate to find ways to actively target the younger generation and inspire them to lend a helping hand.
Particularly in the younger generation, mobile technology is a part of everyday life. Over 85% of generation Y own a smartphone (Nielsen).
Sending an SMS is a quick, cheap and effective way of communicating important messages. Charities can text any contacts they have to motivate them to make another donation. This can be really effective around Christmas, New Year and Easter when people are feeling that little bit more generous.
For that little extra touch send a friendly thank you SMS once a donation has been made – you could even give them an idea of where their money is going.

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