Georgie, first mobile app for the blind is now available!

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The creators of the popular mobile operating system Android have now launched a new smartphone app that allows blind mobile users to operate on their smartphone in an easier way.
This new app is aiming to make the mobile usage and communication simpler for the blind or partially sighted. Named Georgie, after a guide dog which was previously owned by the wife of the app’s creator – who is actually blind; this useful smartphone application is now available for users to be downloaded or pre-installed on phones.
How does Georgie work?
By developing different features in the smartphone, Georgie makes smartphones more user-friendly for people who are partially or completely visually impaired.
It enlarges the interface to make it easier for the partially sighted to read on the screen. Additionally, it includes large coloured blocks, which improve the identification of the different icons appearing on the phone screen as well.
The app also empowers the use of voice identification by using different voice commands to perform typical mobile needs such as sending SMS messages. It also stores locations which the blind might need on a daily basis such as safe cross-roads or paths. In addition, Georgie allows its users to call pre-set phone numbers that are altered online.
However, the best feature of the app is its optical character recognition. This makes the phone read text to the users, which is the number one requirement for those with a blindness level of 100%. The ‘reading’ feature can also be used in pictures which the mobile users can take on the street such as timetables. The app can either enlarge those pictures for the partially sighted or read them.
Technical details
Georgie can be purchased for £150 from the Android app store Google Play. Accessibility expert companies such as Sight and Sound Technology include this app pre-loaded in their phone for sale.
It is compatible with a wide range of Samsung Galaxy phones such as the Samsung Galaxy Y, Galaxy Ace 2, waterproof and drop-proof Galaxy XCover or the top-end Samsung Galaxy S3.

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