From 3 blogs down to 1…..

Topic: Esendex news

We have made some changes to our blog today, to help users to navigate around more easily. Essentially, we’ve merged the UK blog, Support blog and Developer blog into one “Esendex UK” blog. We’ve also created categories so you can choose to read posts relevant to a particular area of interest.
We know that many of our customers use our blog to receive support posts or technical updates only. Consequently, we’ve created a technical category within the blog which will cover support, infrastructure improvements, product updates and all things Developer/API related.
Those of you that currently subscribe to the Support and Developer blogs don’t need to take any action as you’ll continue to receive updates from the technical category RSS feed. We’ll also continue posting all new blog entries to Twitter.
For all newbies, you can choose to receive an RSS feed of our blog in its entirety or from the Technical category only. It’s up to you!
If you’ve got any feedback on this change or have any ideas on how we can improve our blog, send an email to [email protected]

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