Forget your diet, just open a text message!

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According to a new study, a weekly text message reminder could be the key to a healthier lifestyle. Simply receiving an SMS reminder of the recommended calorie intake could help keep you on track to a healthier diet – who knew it was that easy!
It’s thought this is so effective because people are unaware of the recommended calorie intake – using such an instant and personal tool to communicate helps to keep people informed.
The study found that 58% of those involved couldn’t identify the recommended daily calorie intake but a text message turned this around! Those who received text message reminders were twice as likely to recognise the recommended calorie intake – so are more likely to make healthier food choices.
Here’s yet another way SMS can be put to good use in the healthcare industry. Feeling inspired? Read our healthcare white paper and Epilepsy Society customer story to discover even more ways SMS can be used in healthcare.

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