Event Check-in: A revolution for event organisation

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Event check inThe leading digital agency ORM London has launched a new iPad app which has the ability to create a guest list, check guests in at the event and analyse data afterwards to improve future events.
A number of British event organisation companies could benefit from the exciting new iPad app.
This new service, called Event Check-in, will help event organisers save both time and money. By using the QR scanner, event guests are quickly and easily checked in. A unique QR code for each guest can then be included in email or printed invitations.
Multiple iPads and scanners can be connected to the app to scale up for events with multiple points-of-entry. On top of this, automatic SMS alerts can be set up to send a text message to a guest’s host when they arrive. This extra service will ensure VIP guests are looked after properly as soon as they arrive.
The sophisticated system works with a wireless scanner and software-as-a-service (Saas) portal that streamlines the event check-in process from any location. The iPad and the portal will be constantly synchronised.
Once the event is finished, data from the iPad is synched to the Event Check-In portal and all the information is consolidated to produce an analysis. In this sense, the system is developing a customised guest feedback module for the organisers.
A mix of technologies
“By connecting the iPad and SocketMobile scanner, a world first, and combining them with SMS alerts and live cloud data Event Check-in is at the cutting edge of connective devices,” said Mahesh Ramachandra, Head of Product at ORM London.
“At ORM London, we want to continue to push the boundaries and Event Check-in is the first of a number of innovative apps we have planned to help businesses in various industries.”
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