Esendex’s first RCS Workshop: A detailed look at next generation SMS

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8th March 2018 saw us host our first ever Esendex RCS Workshop. We invited a select few customers to attend, from various industries, to demonstrate the power and possibility of this new messaging platform.
After refreshments and networking, our CCO David Smyth took to the stage to kick start the session. The aim: to offer a clear understanding of Rich Communication Services and how this next generation SMS can be applied to each represented sector.
Next up, Esendex’s Head of Product, David Attenborough, talked us through his favourite topic: The Future of Business Messaging. Here we learnt how the humble text message is evolving and how this could affect a brand’s customer communication strategy in the future.

RCS demos – the workshop highlight

Following lunch, we moved on to the most hotly anticipated session of the day: RCS demonstrations with Michael Power, Product Manager at Esendex. This is where RCS was really brought to life. Having carefully crafted a selection of use case demos, Michael walked us through how RCS works, while highlighting some of the core features and benefits of this new product. This led to an extensive Q&A session, as our guests began to understand the true potential of this new technology for their brand.
Finally we moved on to our latest product, SMS Landing Pages, where Natalie Wilding, Product Owner at Esendex, walked us through how to create an effective and visually appealing Landing Page. Natalie discussed the journey of rich messaging and how our exciting new SMS Landing Page product has been built as the first stepping stone to RCS.
If you’d like to find out how rich messaging can help your business, we will be holding our next RCS Workshop in Nottingham on 22nd March. There are limited places available so please contact us or your account manager, if you’re interested in learning more.

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