Esendex’s CTO fronts a new initiative to secure talent for Nottingham

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In today’s Nottingham Post, Adam Bird talks about his latest initiative to secure a steady stream of talent for technology companies in Nottingham. It involves a recruitment event for internships, work placements and graduate positions for Nottingham’s creative and tech businesses.
Speaking to the Business Post, Adam comments: “Before you run a mile with visions of milk-rounds and corporate presentations I’m going to set it up it in a way that better reflects how we, the new wave of businesses in the city, operate.
This is part of a wider initiative to position Nottingham as the destination of choice for the creative class outside of London.
“If you look at Nottingham compared to other cities, from a lifestyle point of view there are some fantastic opportunities – parks, sports facilities, cultural facilities. It’s also centrally located so you can get to places easily. It’s a very manageable lifestyle here, with a compact city centre and public transport which means it is genuinely easy to get around.”
“You can have the kind of fulfilling lifestyle which appeals to creative and technical people right here.”
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