Esendex to present next generation SMS – RCS

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We are excited to announce that Esendex will be joining the GSMA Future Networks program at Mobile World Congress 2018 (MWC), presenting a range of RCS example journeys as part of Google’s Early Access Program.

What is Mobile World Congress?

Held at the end of February, MWC is hailed as the most anticipated mobile technology event of the year.

Why are we demonstrating with Google?

As leaders in the European telecommunications market, we’re part of Google’s Early Access Program for RCS business messaging. Essentially, this means that we’re helping businesses bring richer messaging experiences to their customers in Europe.
As RCS messages from businesses are yet to officially launch in the UK and Ireland, we will be presenting some example user journeys with brands and discussing the future impact of this new technology. The RCS standard, upgrades SMS and provides brands more useful and interactive ways to connect with their customers.
As part of this program, we have partnered with Ocado, the UK’s leading online grocery store, to create some example interactive user journeys to be presented at MWC.

What will we be demonstrating?

During the demonstration we will be focusing on Ocado’s core customer base. In these examples, we have taken a core pain point and created a simple resolution, using the RCS platform.
One of the journeys relates to a failed payment. The customer will receive a text message, stating that they have been unable to process their grocery payment. The customer is then offered two options in the form of buttons; retake the payment or use an alternative card. Once the payment has been successful, the customer will get a confirmation message. This is a simple, effortless journey for the customer and a relatively low-touch method for Ocado to ensure that they receive their outstanding payments.
Ocado, commented:

“We are passionate about improving our processes and communication channels, for our customers. We constantly strive to remain at the forefront of all technological advances, which is why partnering with Esendex, to develop RCS for our brand, seemed liked the logical next step.”

For more information on the benefits of RCS or how you can use this new messaging protocol, simply complete our contact form or call 0345 356 5758.

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