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Esendex is delighted to announce that it has been accepted on the East Midlands Development Agency’s (emda) HighGrowth program. Their recent press release is below:
4th June:
Nottinghamshire companies sign up for growth
emda today announces the names of the 27 ambitious high growth companies who have been accepted to take part in the agency’s flagship High Growth programme, part of HighGrowth East Midlands in 2009. Funded by East Midlands Development Agency (emda) and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), HighGrowth East Midlands provides intensive, tailored and rigorous support to help businesses prepare for and sustain high growth.
This is the second year of the £4.3 million HighGrowth East Midlands programme, 24 businesses signed up for the High Growth programme in 2008 including Lincoln’s Dynex Semiconductor Limited, Leicester’s Lastolite Limited and Nottingham’s Asiana Limited.
The High Growth programme provides 18 days of intensive coaching and includes specialist support such as a three-day residential masterclass for Managing Directors and Chief Executives, which has been designed by the Nottingham Business School. This support is provided over a 12 month period, helping businesses to address and exploit areas of their business to maximise and sustain their existing growth.
HighGrowth East Midlands is part of emda’s long-term strategy to stimulate high quality innovation and accelerate regional economic growth. Targeted towards ambitious and forward thinking businesses, the scheme aims to help growing businesses achieve their full potential through increasing profits, enhancing competitive edge and creating the ideal conditions for long term success.
Speaking about the HighGrowth East Midlands programme, Michael Carr, emda’s Executive Director of Business Services said: “I am delighted that we have been able to recruit another class of ambitious businesses for this year’s HighGrowth programme. Despite the challenging global economic climate, it proves that opportunities for growth do remain for businesses with the right vision and that the East Midlands is well poised to benefit when the up turn comes”.
He added: “The diverse range of sectors represented on the 2009 programme reflects the strong diversity of the regional economy. Businesses from sectors as diverse as cooling systems to digital communications and producers of specialist cleaning products for the healthcare sector are represented in this year’s programme. I wish the businesses every success and look forward to seeing the results of their engagement in the coming months”.
Speaking about why they joined the 2009 programme Julian Hucker, CEO of Nottingham based Esendex Limited said “The business has achieved very rapid growth over recent years. However we recognised that we’d benefit from support from the High Growth programme to challenge the management team to think differently about our growth and help us drive the company forward in a structured way so that we can maintain our growth over the next 5 years. We look forward to working with our Growth Coach over the next 12 months”. Esendex is an international provider of Business Communications. They deliver Web SMS, Email SMS, PC SMS, SMS API services and a range of other communication services to over 7,000 businesses large and small across the world. The business was founded in 2001 and now has offices in Spain, France, Ireland, Australia and Germany and employs 35 people worldwide. Their customers range from large corporations to SMEs, in sectors as diverse as financial services, local government and public sector, travel and transport and retail.
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