Esendex Live! A great success

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With RCS set to launch across Europe over the course of 2018, now is the time to start thinking about how rich messaging can enhance your customer communications.
On 21st June 2018 we held our biggest-ever RCS Workshop in London. The aim of this session was to present our approach to The Future of Business Messaging. Various speakers  took to the stage to discuss how RCS has the potential to transform customer engagement with this new messaging platform.
The workshop started with Dave Attenborough, Head of Product at Esendex, setting the scene for the day and discussing how the telecommunications landscape has transformed over the last 25 years. We also took an in-depth look into the latest customer behaviour insights, produced by Esendex earlier this year. This emphasised the continuing power of SMS and how the appetite for richer communications is growing.
Next up was our first guest speaker of the day; David O’Byrne, IP Communications Project Director for GSMA. David presented the GSMA’s RCS launch plans alongside a global market update.
After a short interlude of lunch and networking, Tim Atkinson, RCS Business Development Manager at Google, took to the stage. Tim presented RCS and Rich Business Messaging – an inside look from Google. His session focused on the early adoption of RCS in America where it launched earlier this year, alongside his projections for the expansion into Europe.
To close the event, Esendex Product Managers Anthony Hempell and Michael Power presented the Esendex RCS fall back solutions in the form of Mobile Journeys and Landing Pages. At present RCS will only be possible on Android devices, making these innovative fall back options for non-Android devices a vital element for rich customer journeys.
The day was a resounding success, if you missed it, here is our video showing some of the highlights of the day.

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