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On 24th March, from 1PM-4PM GMT (14:00-17:00 CET), we’re hosting Esendex Live!, our flagship event for our top customers. While we can’t welcome you in person this year, we’ve invested in the latest digital conference software so that this still delivers an engaging, interactive experience. And we couldn’t be more excited about the speaker line up – we’ve brought together experts from a huge variety of backgrounds, all dedicated to helping you get better results from your communication strategy. Whether that’s more effective marketing and internal communication, deploying new channels or identifying vulnerable customers, there’s something for everyone.

Here’s the full agenda.

Richard Hanscott, CEO, Esendex.
Richard has led the Esendex team since the start of 2020; he is passionate about the value customers can derive from mobile messaging.
Mobile Messaging Adoption Trends 2021The number of people using mobile messaging apps is projected to grow to 3 billion 2022, but what does this dizzying growth mean for businesses searching for better ways to engage with their customers and staff? Esendex, working with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), surveyed over 4,300 businesses across Europe and APAC to find out how mobile messaging adoption is evolving.1:05PM GMT / 14:05 CET
Main Stage
Julio Taylor, CEO, Hallam.
Hallam have swept the board at awards ceremonies in recent years, including Google’s top digital agency EMEA in 2019, and The Drum’s most trusted strategic agency for 3 years running.
Truth marketing: why you’ll need to invest in trust to survive the digital futureThings will never go back to ‘normal’, and in the age of credibility, silence will be the sound of defeat. To be relevant in the complex, digital-first economy of the future, customer engagement is key.1:30PM GMT / 14:30 CET
Stage 2 – Marketing
Penny Strutton, Founder, Think Forward Consulting.
Penny is a qualified coach, business psychologist and organisational development consultant who works with organisations across the private, public and voluntary sector.
Why your internal and external customer require equal attention -boost productivity and client retention through building a world class employee experienceWe all know how important it is to provide an excellent customer experience. But too often internal customer – or employee experience – is overlooked in favour of efforts (and budget) to delight externally. Your employees have multiple internal customer-like interactions in your organisation everyday. Maximising this experience encourages employees to be personally invested in their jobs and company, boost operational performance and ultimately positively ignite the external customer experience – generating brand loyalty and of course, greater profitability. This workshop will provide a practical guide on how to engage and delight employees to build a rock solid customer experience.1:30PM GMT / 14:30 CET
Stage 3 – Customer Communication
Ben Cole, Product Strategy Lead, O2 (Telefonica). Ben is a product leader for SMS, RCS, MMS, carrier payment services and digital identity / fraud prevention.Choosing the right channel for the right reasonO2’s view on the modern messaging channels available brands and how to pick the right channel for the right customer interaction.1:30PM GMT / 14:30 CET
Stage 4 – Emerging Technology
Ben Garry, Content Specialist, Impression Digital.
Impression are a highly decorated digital marketing agency specialising in digital PR, PPC and search engine optimisation.
The art of planning content for unplanned scenariosIf the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that we can’t plan for everything. The businesses that have engaged customers the most consistently throughout the past 12 months have been those that were able to keep up with rapidly changing conversations. In this talk, find out what lessons we can learn from the pandemic by planning ahead to give us the time to react to emerging trends when it matters the most.2:15PM GMT / 15:15 CET
Stage 2 – Marketing
Vanessa Northam, Head of Strategic Relationships, StepChange Debt Charity.
StepChange work with over 900 organisations from the biggest banks in the UK, to debt purchasers and small charities, to help identify and support vulnerable customers.
Digital Collections and vulnerable consumers: how are organisations identifying and supporting consumers online?COVID has expedited the progress to providing a fully online/digital collections journey, and indeed some major banks have a full online journey to enable customers to set up a repayment plan without the need to interact with anyone. Vanessa wants to explore and understand how are organisations considering the needs of vulnerable consumers, and ensuring they get the right support at the right time in their online experience.2:15PM GMT / 15:15 CET
Stage 3 – Customer Communication
Nick Lane, Founder and Chief Analyst, Mobilesquared.
Mobilesquared is a highly respected mobile research company, covering diverse sectors including business messaging, unified communications, mobile advertising, PRS and 5G.
The future of messaging engagement in a multichannel worldAs the number of channels through which we can reach customers grows, the strategic choice of how you engage your customers has never been more challenging. We’re advised we need to give customers the widest possible choice and a seamless omnichannel experience, but what does the data tell us about how customers really want to be engaged?2:15PM GMT / 15:15 CET
Stage 4 – Emerging Technology
Chris Wilson, Managing Director, Earnest.
Earnest is an award-winning, international B2B marketing agency that’s chasing out the humdrum in London and New York. Chris is also a Board Member of the Business Marketing Collective.
How to get people to do stuff: behavioural economics in marketingAll of us in marketing are under ever-more pressure to bring tangible results to the table. And despite great strides in digital marketing and analytics, do we really know what’s actually driving great results, and more importantly, why? We’re missing the ‘why’ in our marketing communications. At the heart of this lies a problem: we have a mistaken view of what drives decision-making and how we make decisions – both individually and in a group decision-making scenario. We’ve for too long assumed that people weigh up the pros and cons of a purchase in a rational way. This is very far from the truth. Only by understanding real human decision drivers will enable marketing to deliver superior returns. This discipline is called behavioural economics. Behavioural economics is the science of bringing together behavioural psychology with financial decision-making – understanding how people think and feel, and then leveraging this to persuade them to make an economic decision. Already used by governments and leading ecommerce retailers, this talk will outline the key principles of behavioural economics most relevant to marketing, with practical illustrations of how to use it.3:00PM GMT / 16:00 CET
Stage 2 – Marketing
Martin Hill-Wilson, Owner, Brainfood Consulting.
Martin mentors customer leaders and designs micro learning experiences. These are focussed on evolving the customer strategies and personal skills of leaders and their teams.
What omni-channel really means and where a mobile first strategy fits inCustomer behaviour as the start point. What matters in 2021 / Why customers want outcomes more than they want choice / Getting the mix right – live assistance-self-service-proactive / Being effectively multi-modal / Technology enables – service design makes it CX.3:00PM GMT / 16:00 CET
Stage 3 – Customer Communication
Dave Attenborough, Head of Product, Esendex.
Dave has a detailed understanding of the challenges brands face in communicating with their customers, and supports the Esendex team in designing innovative, reliable and effective solutions to these problems.
Chatbots and chatting: how, when and where to leverage automation in customer communicationChatbots are getting a huge amount of attention due to their ability to save businesses’ money, connect customers with faster responses to their questions, and free up contact centres for more complex enquiries. But there are as many examples of chatbots working poorly as there are success stories, and with your brand’s reputation at stake, how do you ensure you’re delivering an exceptional customer experience?3:00PM GMT / 16:00 CET
Stage 4 – Emerging Technology
Liz Wilson, Head of Marketing, EsendexWrap up / SummaryLiz will be capturing the key points from every presentation in every track, so if you literally have no time to attend the full event, this summary is the session for you! It’s also a great catch up opportunity for people who didn’t see every speaker they wished to.3:45PM GMT / 16:45 CET
Main Stage

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