Esendex is one of 1,000 Companies to Inspire Europe

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Geoff Love and Paul Gardner of EsendexThere are 23m SMEs in Europe, and of those, the London Stock Exchange Group have identified 1,000 as making the grade for their ‘1,000 Companies to Inspire Europe 2017’ report.
This is a list of the most dynamic and fast-growing SMEs over 28 member states, and is compiled with the intention of driving investment as well as recognising success. And, if the blog title didn’t already give it away, Esendex is on the list!
Xavier Rolet KBE, Chief Executive of the London Stock Exchange Group said:

“…our 1000 Companies to Inspire Europe report… shines a light on the fastest growing companies across the continent and their critical importance to innovation, job creation and Europe’s future economic resilience.”

Valdis Dombrovkis, Vice-President for the Euro and Social Dialogue, added:

“Europe needs more fast-growing and innovative companies as they are the backbone of our future economic development and job creation.”

To be included in the list, Esendex had to show consistent revenue growth over a minimum of three years, and to have significantly outperformed our peers in the business communications industry.
At Esendex, we genuinely strive to deliver excellence, through 24/7 monitoring of our platforms, to our direct connections with the mobile networks; our Service Level Agreement that commits us to processing 90% of our customers’ messages within 5 seconds, and 95% within 20 seconds; our ISO 27001 accreditation and our in-house technical development and support.
1000 Companies to Inspire EuropeWe are proud to serve businesses, large and small, all over the world, with innovatively applied, best-in-class communication technology.
Esendex’s CEO, Geoff Love, commented:

“To be recognised as inspirational is an honour, and it would not be possible without the resilience of our technology, the commitment of our team and our ambitious customers who drive us to keep innovating.”

If you’d like to learn more about the values that have made Esendex a leader in mobile business communications, please get in touch.

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