Esendex helps fleet owners find the best fuel deals

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Esendex have teamed up with to help fleet owners find the best fuel deals for major oil brands, BP, Shell, Esso and Texaco. Using our Email SMS service they send weekly text notifications giving details of where to find the best petrol and oil prices across the UK – helping their customers to save money! 
E-Marketing Manager at, Peter Collins, said this about the service:
“We send up to 2,000 texts every week to our members so it’s crucial that we have a robust and reliable system in place. Esendex’s automated service provides us the quickest and most cost-effective way to communicate with our audience. At a time when fuel prices are fluctuating weekly and becoming increasingly sensitive, it is more important than ever that people know how to manage their fuel expenses and save money. Working with Esendex is helping us achieve this,”

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